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La Station - Nice - France

From 02-05-2021 to 26-03-2021

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A temporary resident of La Station in 2019, Linda Sanchez chose to invite Baptiste Croze to carry out the exhibition « à terre » four handed.

« The exhibition « à terre » is comprised of works of art and ongoing and new projects, which we are happy to present at La Station. It ensues from and answers at the same time the way we feel the present, with, but also beyond, the current situation. A loss of meaning, a disaster in silence, the feeling of time taking a leave of absence…

« roulé-boulé », « Les Gabarits », the « pieds coupés », « zip », « Les Formes Données », « l’or gris » hold together a corpus enunciating and relating as many notions, going:

from the figures of the fall to the slide, the tilting to the loss

from the sequence to the series, the seriality to the repetition

from the circularity to the round, the arch to the circle to the sphere

from the gaps to the reconciliations, the interweaving to the interlacing

from the border to the limit, the physical, geographical conceptual surface…

from deformation to transfiguration

from empiricism and the sensitive to geometry, chance to partition, a constancy to its variant

from the on-camera to the off-camera

from the ground to the pedestal, from the earth to the earthly. »

B. Croze & L. Sanchez


Living and working in Marseille, both artists have been collaborating for several years around gestures of sculpture, drawings, images and videos. Their work was shown at several exhibitions since 2017, in particular « les écarts serrés » at the Papillon gallery in Paris in 2018. The work « les sourdines » was purchased by the CNAP in 2019, and the subject of a publication in the review The Drawer Vol. 15. In 2020, they sign the exhibitions « Ce qui s’étend jusqu’au bord » at the cultural center Una Volta in Bastia, and « les aléas » at the Chapelle des Jésuites in Nîmes (invitation ESBAN). In parallel, since 2015, they have been writing and coordinating together several pedagogical projects that take the form of scientific and artistic collaborations. In particular the project « Réemploi, comment la ville réfléchit à ses origines » in Lyon (Musée des moulages/ Maison de l’Orient et de la Méditerranée / Archeological Service of the City of Lyon/ Ecoles d’arts de Lyon, Annecy, Grenoble). The project « roulé boulé » presented, here and now at La Station, is the beginning of a research project; a touring on the outline of the Mediterranean coast, which will associate collective walks, meetings, tales and exhibitions.

[Made in the scope of the temporary residences program of La Station (in collaboration with the DRAC PACA), this exhibition will only be open to the public if the health conditions allow it. We however wanted to make it to allow the artists to produce, experiment an exercise of monstration and document their work process in optimum conditions.]

Professional visits by appointments on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday between 2 to 5:30 PM (book at starter@lastation.org)