Fossile Murmure

Fossile murmure exhibition

With Thomas Teurlai

From Saturday 23 September to Saturday 2 December 2023

Opening Saturday 23 September at 6pm

Exhibition as part of the Ovni festival and the Automne de l’Image at 109.

An artist inhabited by a history buried in forms, materials and ritual practices, Thomas Teurlai invests spaces all over the world, from white cubes to derelict industrial spaces. Exhuming stories, planting seeds of sound, sculpture and human science, the artist gives new life and movement to neglected objects and stories. From this encounter between the worlds of alchemy, DIY and the sacred emerge hybrid installations that appeal to our erogenous zones. Visitors find themselves involved, body and soul, in these poetically offbeat spaces where time seems to expand.

For the Fossile Murmure exhibition at La Station, Thomas Teurlai is presenting a new version of his work Râle 21.

Like a breathing aid, an electric motor drives the wheel of a car at the end of its life, as if abandoned there. The movement in turn drives the various gears in the motor. So there’s no explosion to propel this racing car, just the breath captured at the piston outlet by micro-contacts. The re-amplified rattle plays the lecherous swan song of an erotico-fossil society at the end of its tether.

The exhibition will also feature the work Providenzad 2120, the fruit of Thomas Teurlai’s collaboration with science fiction writer Alain Damasio during the Providenza residency in Pieve in summer 2020. The work reinvents the cinematic device by using a motorbike helmet whose visor serves as a projection surface. Set against a text that projects the viewer into a Mad Max-style universe, the work is emblematic of the artist’s work, while taking as its context a futuristic Corsica with the smell of burning tyres.