Support Station 2023

La Station - Nice - France

From 12-16-2023 to 13-01-2024

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From December 16, 2023 to January 13, 2024
Opening on Saturday, December 16, 2023 – 4pm
LpLpo / Psychedelic Krautsynth-Montpellier

Crêpes Party

For the second year running, Support Station presents the work of La Station’s resident artists and their guests in December and January.

In a set-up specially designed for the event, Support Station highlights the practices of the twenty or so artists who make up the space and bring it to life. They present works that have emerged from their studios, or that have been produced for the exhibition.

With the artists :

Karim Badi, Mona Barbagli, Tom Barbagli, Suska Bastian, Arnaud Biais, Jean-Luc Blanc, Tristan Blumel, Johan Christ-Bertrand, Camille Franch-Guerra, Maya Heiskanen, Nthabiseng Kekana, Hildegarde Laszak, Donia Ouassit, Philippe Paradis, Philippe Perrin, Romain Ravera, Omar Rodriguez-Sanmartin, Raphaël Sitbon, Eleonora Strano, Cédric Teisseire, Agathe Wiesner, Anne-Laure Wullai.

free admission

Cover image: Arnaud Biais, in collaboration with Luc Bertrand; Cosmic Disco; 2023