Come To Us

la station contemporary art nice exhibition we are the painters come to us

La Station - Nice - France

From 06-30-2018 to 29-09-2018

Opening informations : opening on Friday June 29, from 8 to 10 PM

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We Are The Painters

Come To Us

A threefold exhibition in Nice

During the Summer 2018, We Are The Painters shows in three Niçois cultural sites: the gallery
 A VENDRE, the artist-run space La Station and in the form of an on location intervention at Villa Arson (where the collective has a residence in the Spring).
The exhibition, entitled Come To Us, allows We Are The Painters to examine under all angles for the first time a significant part of their work spaces with composite and complementary operations and configurations: an ideal context for this duo of artists who can here spread its practice centered on painting but with multiple forms: canvases, on location installations, films, drawings…

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A silk print by We Are The Painters is produced on the occasion of the exhibition Come To Us, with the support of Arnaud Maguet, Villa Arson and Balléor publishing.

About We Are The Painters:

We Are The Painters is a duo of artists comprised of Nicolas Beaumelle and Aurélien Porte. The name sounds like an affirmation, a slogan: they are painters.

Since the creation of their group in 2004, they have been practicing an unclassifiable painting.

We Are The Painters operates without us knowing which one of the two artists produces a gesture. Their practice consists in constant comings and goings between their four hands, most often from obsessional figures. Their portraits of women are endowed with similar hair dos and faces; they seem to come out of an indeterminate time.

They paint and paint again the motif of Mount Chauve, a tall hill North of Nice. They also paint the two sides of a bistro chair they overturn on the floor to be able to walk around them. We also find in several of their paintings a sort of gaping, like the opening of a cave.

And then, there is this film on which they have been working for several years. Paint for Ulma tells the story of « a little young goat that becomes a work of art and enters a museum collection. » In its quest, nine muses guide it « from landscape to landscape and painting to painting until its ultimate territory: the museum. » An odyssey.

Their painting is never flashy, always low budget, but always intriguing because of the primitive worlds it represents and by the techniques set up. Some wide patches of color generally occupy the canvas: warm colors, cold colors (primary, secondary, tertiary), complementary or dissonant.

A natural state of art and the world. A singular word.



exhibition from June 30 to September 29, 2018

opening on Friday June 29, from 4 to 8 PM


La Station

exhibition from June 30 to September 29, 2018

opening on Friday June 29, from 8 to 10 PM



9:30 PM La Station >>> Interior courtyard, Le 109: HEAVY PROCESSION, performance of The Gospel and We Are The Painters

10 PM Interior courtyard, Le 109: screening of the film DERNIERS SOLEILS by Arnaud Maguet / as part of Curiosités, in partnership with Botoxs and l’Eclat

11 PM Frigo 16, Le 109: concert of Bader Motor / DJ set by Jean-Pierre Bertrand / in partnership with Le 109 / free entrance

Bar and snacks on location


Villa Arson

on location intervention from July 1st to October 14, 2018

Opening on Saturday June 30at 6 Pm