Avis de grand frais

OPENING ON FRIDAY JUNE 22, 2018, AT 6PM in the presence of the artists

Avis de grand frais (Front Cold Warning) on Le Suquet des Art(iste)s from Saturday, June 23 to Sunday, November 25, 2018!

The exhibition and creation space of the City of Cannes located in Le Suquet receives the works of a selection of artists from the Nicoise artist-run space La Station.

Inaugurated in 2016 under the impulse of David Lisnard, the Mayor of Cannes, Le Suquet des Arti(iste)s are an 800-square-meters premises dedicated to creation. Located in the historical centre of Cannes, its aim is to promote contemporary art by supporting artistic creation and reinforcing the cultural and touristic attractiveness of the city via its program of exhibitions. In parallel with its activities open to the public, it has some artist studios.
Put in by the Cannes municipality and set up in the unusual premises of the former morgue of the hospital of Le Suquet (closed in 1955), Le Suquet des Art(iste)s is part of a global project of aesthetic and cultural transformation of the historical area of Cannes.
La Station, settled in Nice since 1996, is an association consisting in artist studios and an exhibition area. In addition to its intramural program presented in the Nice premises and centred towards the more experimental practices of today’s art, along the years, it has acquired a national and European public thanks to its extramural programming. In this scope, La Station conceives exhibitions in which its resident members present their work, next to artists from Nice or elsewhere.
Over 22 years, La Station has received approximately fifty resident artists, currently twelve, who run the daily life of the structure by proposing artistic projects. Each, in his/her own way and scale, contributes to the evolution of the association that is today the sum of these individual and familiar stories.

For Avis de Grand Frais, La Station features in Cannes eight of its resident artists: Tom Barbagli, Arnaud Biais, Tom Giampieri, Alexandra Guillot, Ludovic Lignon, Omar Rodriguez Sanmartin, Justin Sanchez and Agathe Wiesner. By their side artists close to the values of the association: Pauline Brun (in temporary residence at La Station from March to June 2018), Mathieu Schmitt and Anne-Laure Wüillai.
The exhibition reflects the personality of La Station: not developing its exhibitions under the aegis of a curatorship or in themes, here it sketches a portrait of its complex and polymorphous identity. Multidisciplinary, the exhibition is built around a multitude of practices and personalities.
The works of art presented are first shown here and were produced specifically for the exhibition: thus Avis de Grand Frais sketches a dynamic and up to date portrait of the artist-run space* La Station, constantly reinventing itself according to the departures and arrivals of its resident artists.