S U P E R S I M E T R I C A is an annual meeting of spaces run by artists, curatorial projects, non profit art organizations and other similar structures placed in the area between commercial galleries and private and public institutions.

S U P E R S I M E T R I C A takes place for its second edition during ARCO 2018 at Nave de Terneras in Matadero, Madrid. The concept is similar to an art fair: timing, distribution of exhibitions… its difference is the emphasis in contents, creating strong links between its participants and the most challenging proposals.

S U P E R S I M E T R I C A is a place to develop art projects outside the white cube, as well as generate a closer contact with the public and the art scene of Madrid with a strong activity program based in participation.

For this invitation, LA STATION exhibits her six newest residents: Tom Barbagli, Arnaud Biais,Tom Giampieri, Omar Rodriguez Sanmartin, Justin Sanchez and Agathe Wiesner.
All arrived between 2016 and 2017, they are the youngest members of LA STATION. They represent the new generation of the artist-run space, working along side with the older members (in total the artists of la Station have between 25 and 55 years old). With young members in her team, LA STATION keeps on being in touch with the new generations problematics. On the other hand, the older members provide them guidance and share their experiences, allowing the up- and-coming artists to learn how to manage a career in the professional area of contemporary art.

By showing her newest members at S U P E R S I M E T R I C A, LA STATION would like to give them the opportunity of being seen and heard; it will also allow them to build a professional network, which is essential at the beginning of an art career. For the public, it will be a good photography of what LA STATION currently is, knowing that she constantly mutates with the arrival and departure of her members.