La Station - Nice - France

From 04-18-2015 to 13-06-2015

Opening informations : FRIDAY, APRIL 17TH AT 6 P.M

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La Station has the pleasure to invite you to discover its new exhibition in the scope of the exchange it is making this Spring 2015 with GAGLIARDI ART SYSTEM (TURINO, I)



OPENING on FRIDAY, APRIL 17, 2015, from 18:00
EXHIBITION from APRIL 18 to JUNE 13, 2015
OPEN from WEDNESDAY to SATURDAY from 1pm to 7 pm

The artists selected by G.A.S for GAS STATION (part 1) play with our perception via sculptural, pictorial and digital installations. PIERO FOGLIATI’s illusionists and kinetic games, ENNIO BERTRAND’s the digital and interactive technologies, PAOLA ROSOLI’s cinematographic and intimate tinkering, GIULIANA CUNÉAZ’s virtual and nanoscientific landscapes and DAVIDE COLTRO’s digital frames question our connection with the world and its phenomena.

ENNIO BERTRAND (born PINEROLO in 1949) uses digital images and technologies, compositions of lights, sounds and videos as well as interactive installations, proposing minuscule events isolated from the indistinctive flux or information and images saturating our perception. He is a member of the association ARS TECNICA – established in 1988 in Paris, at LA CITÉ DES SCIENCES ET DE L’INDUSTRIE, LA VILLETTE – and a co-founder of ARSLAB, ARTE SCIENZA E NUOVI MEDIA, created in TURINO in 1996. Since 2008, he has been a professor at the ALBERTINA ACADEMY of TURINO.
DAVIDE COLTRO (born in VERONA in 1967) is the inventor of the electronic frame. For his innovative research, he has been the guest of prestigious exhibitions both in ITALY and abroad. In 2011 he represented ITALY at the 54th VENICE BIENNALE with RES_PUBLICA I, a monumental installation of 96 electronic modules, that were the conclusion to one of his most impressive and complete research on contemporary landscape. His speculation of the unity of art, in particular through the technological development, led him to open a theoretical debate with other authors of his generation. He is the founder of the group ON.
GIULIANA CUNÉAZ (born in AOSTA in 1959) lives and works in AOSTA and MILAN. A graduate of the BEAUX ARTS ACADEMY OF TURINO, in her work she uses all the media, from video installation to sculptures, photography to painting and even the painting on screen, a technique she invented. In the early 90’s, she conducted some research on new forms associated with experimental video. In 2004, 3D took an important place in her work, becoming a research element for video and painting on screen. The appropriation of technological instruments is part of the field of research of the artist. She borrows elements belonging to the scientific world and to nanosciences, and transforms them into a virtual landscape interacting with the natural data.
PIERO FOGLIATI (born in CANELLI in 1930) uses the discoveries of science in optical matters to have the spectator live fascinating optical and mental experiences. An heir of MARCEL DUCHAMP as well as of MOHOLY-NAGY, he creates universes where the illusion, cerebral activity and the poetry of light are used to produce an image whose sources here are both physical and psychological. His machines, more than kinetic appliances, are some paradoxical  « single machines », intelligent and hypnotic.
From recycling material, PAOLA RISOLI (born in 1969 in MILAN) creates miniature worlds, tinkered and intimate, she also operates them through photography and video. More recently, the artist has been nesting her sketches in recycled barrels. The spectator is thus invited to get closer to the windows cut out in the metal to dive into these secret universes. The contrasts between the interior and the exterior, between the raw material and the finesse of the details, between the physical demand of the implementation and the delicacy of the result are subtly constructed. Despite there rudimentary characteristic, these « self lit » sets generate nearly cinematographic atmospheres.

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