Lena Durr - Esterel C34 La Station contemporary art nice

La Station - Nice - France

From 01-17-2015 to 14-03-2015

Opening informations : FRIDAY, JANUARY 16TH AT 6 P.M

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Graduated in 2012 of the Beaux-Arts of Toulon, Lena Durr lives and works in Cuers.

The work of Lena Durr finds its origin in her surprising collection of objects from popular culture that not only bears witness to the drifting towards a consumer society it has been subject to since World War II, but also to its resistance. It is in this vast heteroclite collection gathered since her childhood, that the artists draws the essence of the elements that contextualize her installations and her photographic staging.

 Anchored in this tension between popular culture and mass culture, between city and countryside, between adolescence and adulthood, it is some work on the edge; both on this threshold space of the cities, but also on the verge of the normative frames of the current society (Ian Simms).

For La Station, Lena Durr will present an installation built around a 1980 Esterel C34 caravan.

This exhibition is made in partnership with the association «Etudes et Réalisations», Toulon.