conjecture la station contemporary art in extenso clermont ferrand wolska roubaud

In Extenso - Clermont-Ferrand - France

From 03-29-2013 to 11-05-2013

Opening informations : on thursday 28h of march at 6:30 pm

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In the scope of its outside program, La Station chose to exhibit two of its resident artists at In Extenso, Vivien Roubaud and Tatiana Wolska. They will produce an original piece in situ.

Viven Roubaud and Tatiana Wolska chose to create, rather than a piece, a conjecture. A hypothesis formulated by the correctness or incorrectness of a proposal awaiting its verification through experience, the form of this piece will remain uncertain.

Based on the principle that their practice can resonate, they will try to confront their process and their aesthetics in order to create a new entity, born from a fragmentary hybridization of some already existing works. A sort of laboratory, Conjecture is the consequence of a series of try-outs, tests and trials. From the starting hypothesis based on operation, the result will be a form the artists will advance.

Having adjacent studios at La Station, as time went by, these artists organized a process in which their skills are put at the service of their reciprocal practices. Conjecture shall thus only exist as a result of this dialogue and not as finished, final form: under different conditions, in another time and place, its exploration could differ.