JEAN DUPUY, PASSEUR DE (SON) TEMPS / Jean Dupuy, Passing (his) Time

Lecture of Christian Xatrec and Jean Dupuy contemporary art la station nice

La Station - Nice - France

From 06-13-2014 to 13-06-2014

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Lecture of Christian Xatrec and Jean Dupuy

13th may; La Station, 8 PM


Jean Dupuy, passeur de (son) temps

Jean Dupuy, Passing (his) Time

Jean Dupuy likes to talk about his work like a pastime: spending time, for him, is playing with it.

It is under this angle that this two-voiced lecture offers to reveal the striking periods of his works (painting/object/performance/video) – their articulations, overlaps, frictions – and the way in which – in fine – Jean Dupuy is successful in unifying them thanks to the anagrammatical process he has been developing since 1873.

This approximately 1-hour lecture is a version of the one given by Jean Dupuy and Christian Xatrec at the CAPC, Bordeaux, on December 13, 2013, in the scope of the international conference « L’usure, excès d’usages et bénéfices de l’art » (« Use, Excess of Use and the Benefits of Art ») organized by Pierre Baumann and Amélie de Beauffort.


Christian Xatrec is an artist/curator.

He has been living in New York since 1976.
His artistic practice is mainly theoretical and has emancipated from any commercial preoccupation.
He is the director of the Emily Harvey Foundation (New York/Venice) where, for the last 6 years, he has been developing an experimental and collective artistic program far from official and institutional networks of the art world.
With Julia Robinson, he was the co-curator of the exhibition “± I96I – Founding the Expanded Arts” that was held at the Museum Reina Sofia, in Madrid from June to October 2013.

Jean Dupuy was born in 1925, he lives and works in Pierrefeu

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