Richard-Zimmermann Céleste

Curriculum Vitae / Informations

Born in 1993 in Mulhouse, lives and works in Nantes

Céleste Richard Zimmermann questions popular culture, everyday culture and image culture by appropriating its codes, myths and beliefs through sculpture, painting and installation.

Some of these aesthetic realities are of particular interest to her, such as the grotesque and excess. This subject highlights a humanity perpetually acting in relationships of force and contradiction. From these forms emerge inverted, metamorphosed images where anthropomorphism and animality quickly appear. They are sometimes crystallised in animal figures with an ambiguous character such as the pig or the rat, which are the vector in certain societies of a social malaise. His proposals play with the notion of between-vision, in an in-between of latent images, between horror and entertainment. An atmosphere of confusion reigns, torn between tragedy and comedy. An ambivalent space where the border between the acceptable and the intolerable seems blurred, hidden under a light laugh.

Exhibitions / Events