Fabre Régis

Curriculum Vitae / Informations

Born in 1969 in Alès, lives and works in Angoulême.

Régis Fabre’s work is full of a culture of the worst that, if overused, goes unnoticed and is digested by habituation. Although his practice is varied, the subjects he deals with all reveal a disturbing climate. Seizing on signs or codes known to all, his diatribe borrows the tools of the extreme to play on the socially maintained gloom.

He groups his work under the name of funk phenomena. But it seems that this maintenance of fear is a symptom, the ingredient of a much more insidious system. Noam Chomsky, linguist and philosopher, has defined the ten strategies of mass manipulation: creating problems and then offering solutions, replacing revolt with guilt, appealing to the emotional rather than the reflective, encouraging the public to remain in mediocrity as well as in ignorance and stupidity… In contrast, the artist’s work is a spontaneous counterpoint. The works underline the tacit contract of each one and the unconscious adhesion to the system.

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