Cornut-Gentille Aurelien

Curriculum Vitae / Informations

Materials are a springboard for Aurelien Cornut-gentille. They form the basis of a visual experience which leads them towards a metamorphosis : fluidity, capillarity, resistance, water, air, steam, and wood are linked and which construct a dialectic of tension. Behind the contemplative calm lies a surreptitious violence. Energy has to mark materials with which it is in contrast. In his work there is a classification which thus opposes the work (the finished object) to the workshop, like differentiation of time between the present of the re-presentation and the future of transformation. The notion of bricolage, in Claude Levi-Strauss’s sense of spontaneous action, defines his work quite well, and contrasts it with any scientific inclination. His expectation and his redearch are not here. What he constructs is a poetry of utility. Not that this latter is imposed as the sole objective, in the manner of design, but, on the contrary, because it lets itself be transgressed by the very materials which fashion it.

Jean-Marc Avrilla, from Pan ! 2012 Graduated students’ exhibition catalogue – Villa Arson

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