We Feel Better in the Corner


Exhibition from March 5 to April 16, 2022.

Opening on Friday, March 4 at 6 PM

with a reading of Bêcher son visage by Estelle Bénazet

[Extract to listen here: https://duuuradio.fr/archive/becher-son-visage]

and a set of Gérald Kurdian

available for sale: the last issued of the fanzine Soumsoum

Sanitary pass is mandatory
An exhibition made with the support of DRAC PACA in the scope of the temporary residences of La Station


For this exhibition for the end of a residence, Bettina Blanc-Penther chooses to invite artists to work around a short story she wrote. A recurrent protocol in her practice, Bettina writes and erases: « At the origin of my works, are the short stories I write like a scoring support, the words will then be erased so the sound can load up with meaning. »
Secretly Troubled, a project on which Bettina Blanc-Penther has worked during her residence in Nice, is a danse performance, around the figure of a fragmented body, a sort of a-gendered Frankenstein’s.
The exhibition We Feel Better in the Corner is both a complement to Secretly Troubled and autonomous: consisting in a group of drawings, videos, paintings and installations, it offers blurred answers, possibly troubled, to the question of metamorphosis.

Secretly Troubled, extract:


« There is a worm playing with the shadow of a tree
Two good friends_who’s gonna move first?
The sun ends up the game, going out
The worm is now on his own, still not moving
I think he was dead long before the game even started. »

« Un ver joue avec l’ombre d’un arbre
Ce sont deux bons amis_ qui bougera le premier ?
Le soleil met fin au jeu en s’en allant.
Le ver est maintenant seul mais ne bouge toujours pas.
Je pense qu’il était mort bien avant que le jeu ne commence. »