WATT Contemporary Art Nice

La Station - Nice - France

From 03-17-2012 to 05-05-2012

Opening informations : opening on Friday, March 16, from 6 PM

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G raduates of the class of 2011, Villa Arson, Vivien Roubaud and Ugo Schiavi joined la Station last Fall.

Vivien Roubaud defines himself as a « general handyman: » he selects and collects products in the refuse, then repairs them, combines them, hybrids them to obtain « a-productive » machines, but who nonetheless animate thanks to the technical protocols that enabled their creation. Dysfunction is here a creative force, technologies are deconstructed to become techne, media : frenetic pieces, finding their « balance in catastrophe (1). »

Ugo Schiavi, on his side, practices a « physical » sculpture : it is moved, climbed, attacks, is destroyed. From the 1% climbing, videos documenting the climbing by the artist of public sculptures to Martyr, a metallic icosaèdre undergoing successive deteriorations by its forced passage in too narrow spaces, the sculpture is here the function of a gesture in which the body’s implication is often determining.

Watt (W): unit derived from the international system to quantify a power, an energetic flux and a thermic flux. Watt is the power of an energetic system in which energy (joule) is uniformly transformed during an instant t (second).

(1) Elfi Turpin in Supplément Semaine Volume IV, September 2011, Editions Analogues.