Le Ballet Tribalesque / closed due to Covid-19

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La Station - Nice - France

From 10-17-2020 to 31-10-2020

Opening informations : opening on Friday October 16, from 6 PM

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\\ Wearing a facemask is mandatory to visit the exhibition //

La Station presents le ballet tribalesque, a personal exhibition of Charlotte VITAIOLI, the temporary resident of La Station from September to December 2019.

« Within the space of La Station where I worked enthusiastically during my residence in the Fall of 2019, I present the décor of a contemporary ballet entitled « Le Ballet Tribalesque » in tribute to Oskar Schlemmer. An unfinished ballet, never performed, takes here the form of a fragmented exhibition, in between two locations; The Villa Emerige in Paris and La Station in Nice.

A sequence of eclectic tableaux, performed by dancers wearing painted costumes, manipulating the décors and some « ritual objects », the idea of this work was born of my experiences in Japan and Australia, cultures that attracted me for their vernacular performative rituals, at the crossroad between Kabuki theater and Aboriginal dance as well as the Matsuri, these yearly Japanese festivals planned to the rhythm of the seasons.

I conceived the elements of this ballet by leaning on dance gestures as a support for my paintings. For the first peoples of Australia, painting and dance are media of transmission for dream so that we can remember them today and forever; « Looking for a state of joy » to say it in the words of Rudolph Von Laban.

The objects and costumes present in both exhibitions borrow from savoir-faire of weaving and silk painting. In crafts that involve a production time, some handmade, giving me access to a whole contemplative world.

An imaginary space that gives me this state I call « happy melancholia », a true investigation field in my practice I develop by trying to translate something of the fleeting moment, this time suspended between day and night. This melancholia so particular to the « Floating World », evoking the brevity of the human life, a life punctuated by the phases of the Moon.

In 1924, Sonia Delaunay said about the ballet « Relâche », the music of which is by Erik Satie: « Is it a piece of anti-art? An anti-ballet? It is mostly a hymn to modern life clear of the conventions. » « It is the happiness of the moments without reflection », adds Picabia.

I want to thank the Kiosque-Centre d’Art de La Chapelle des Calvairiennes at Mayenne, that produced this exhibition in partnership with La Station. »

Charlotte Vitaioli, 2020

Since 2016, la D.R.A.C P.A.C.A has been helping La Station to organize some temporary residences for visual artists. La Station chose to offer two residencies for a term of four months. For each of them, a grant of € 3 500 is paid to the artists, enabling them to ensure production, transport, and a per diem. A downtown housing is allotted to them as well a 40 m2 studio at La Station.