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La Station - Nice - France

From 05-30-2012 to 15-09-2012

Opening informations : OPENING on SATURDAY, MAY 26, from 8 PM TO 10 PM at the time of DES VISITEURS DU SOIR*, AN event organized by the network Botox[S]

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Presented for the first time in Nice, KRISTOF KINTERA occupies the totality of the exhibition space, that is 350 square meters : he presents 16 works of art, most of them never seen in France. If some of the well known pieces are shown, such as « My Light Is your Light » (2008), a monstrous chandelier made of urban lamps, the key work of this exhibition is without a doubt, « Bad News », created in 2011.

It represents a devil who, head leaning on a drum, reacts to his listening to a radio airing announcements about catastrophes, speeches by dictators and Heavy Metal music hitting the instrument like a maniac. Originally in Czech, the sound track of this work was recorded in French especially for this exhibition at La Station.

About the title of the exhibition, KINTERA said: « I like this insipid title precisely because it refers to the pragmatic language of management. But it is also the truth : those pieces are the result of analyses. I try to analyze the world around me, and if it is possible, to hold a rounded and distorted mirror in front of it.« 

Born in 1973 in Prague, KRISTOF KINTERA is having a remarkable international career and showed several times in France. He is represented by the Schleicher + Lange Gallery (Berlin and Paris) and the Jiri Svestka Gallery (Berlin and Prague).

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