Demina Regina

Curriculum Vitae / Informations

Born in Kaliningrad, Russia, and brought to France at the age of four, Régina Demina grew up between two cultures: that of her parents (Ashkenazi Jewish mother from Uzbekistan, Orthodox Siberian father) and that of her adopted country. Actress, singer, author and visual artist, her work takes shape at night or at dawn. This multi-disciplinary artist works around suburban and internet culture as a form of modern, personal mythology, exploring the disturbingly strange and the morbidly romantic, nourished by her family’s folklore from the East, her childhood forests and the rave culture that cradled her adolescence on the housing estates.

She is currently touring her live choreography DREAMCORE in concert halls and art centres. This transmedia work also takes the form of a short film. This approach, which seeks to break down the artefacts of the same research into art video, performance or live performance, is one of the Ariane threads in the artist’s approach. She is currently writing and pre-producing the full-length piece LimINAL SPACE (Ondine) and a forthcoming album, Mythologie de l’oubli, for which she will also be responsible for the accompanying self-portraits and videos.

Exhibitions / Events