Arini Arnaud

Curriculum Vitae / Informations

Born in the Paris suburbs, Arnaud ARINI is a graduate of Villa Arson. He lives and works in Marseille as part of the AMER collective, which he co-founded. His work uses installation and video across the board. Fascinated by spaces deserted by humans, he populates them with fixed or moving objects and images, gleaned from urban space, which he works on and brings to life using a variety of techniques: moulding, DIY, printing, sewing, video, motorisation, automation, etc. These non-places become both the setting and the main character of the new fiction that takes place there, sometimes in dialogue with the site’s past history. Influenced by a highly Americanised audio-visual mythology, Arnaud ARINI’s installations allow him to question themes that are dear to him, such as new technologies, the decompartmentalisation of genres and queer theories in general, pop culture, etc.

Exhibitions / Events