Season 17


An exhibition of La Station (Nice) at Lieu Commun (Toulouse).

From September 27 to November 9, 2013. Opening on Thursday, September 26 from 7 PM.

With David Ancelin, Paul Chazal, Brice Dellsperger, Jean-Baptiste Ganne, Sophie Graniou, Alexandra Guillot, Natacha Lesueur, Ludovic Lignon, Ingrid Luche, Florian Pugnaire, David Raffini, Vivien Roubaud, Ugo Schiavi, Cédric Teisseire, Tatiana Wolska.


La Station, established in Nice since 1996, consists in artist studios and a space for exhibitions. In addition to its intramural program, centered on the most experimental current artistic practices, along the years it acquired a national and European audience thanks to its outside program. For this exhibition, conceived in the scope of an exchange between structures, La Station chose to present at Lieu Commun some of the works of its resident members as well as those of several artists having all, at some point, crossed the association’s history during its 17 years of existence.

Season 17 shows the personality of this place, self managed by artists: it constructs itself through a multitude of practices and personalities. Never working out its exhibitions under the aegis of the commissionership, La Station here prefers to draw a portrait of its complex and polymorphous identity.

Bringing together young artists and more experienced ones, Season 17 is constructed around a generation of the French artistic creation (the youngest artist being twenty-seven, the eldest forty-seven) and their preoccupations. A wide field, even so, gathered in a same space, these disparate practices construct a singular scenario and create connections, revealing a fabric in which past, present and future faces of La Station meet.

On a formal point of view, Season 17 will consist mainly in original works; it will gather sculptures, drawings and installations, each offering their own immobile fiction, but it will also welcome videos and animations. These works, thought in a processual time, started upstream or kicked-off for the occasion, will give rhythm to the time and space of the exhibition. The dialogue between the mobile and immobile works will thus evolve along an unpredictable scenario, consisting in flashbacks and flash-forwards, creating tensions here and reconciliations there.

Eventually, Season 17 will allow the association, during the time of an exhibition, to do a freeze-frame before imagining new stories. Because La Station is a long run series, nourished by its protagonists’ energy, who continues to construct its own fiction and, insolently, to write a small part of art history.