Pleins pouvoirs, septembre

marc bauer contemporary art nice la station

La Station - Nice - France

From 10-13-2012 to 22-12-2012

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The starting point of Marc Bauer’s exhibition is a drawing inspired by a photograph taken in 1943 in Nice, on which you can see young women laughing and posing on a beach next to young men and German officers. The month of September 1943 shows the passage between the Italian and the German occupations of the city of Nice, and announces the harsher period of World War II for the people of Nice, in particular those of Jewish origins. The historical context, loaded, is balanced by the very soft atmosphere emanating from this photograph. In general, the city of Nice, referring to farniente in the collective imagery, to vacations and to the sun, is ill-paired with this dark period of history. The image will open the way to a global reflection on political powers and the balance of their forces: Pleins Pouvoirs, Septembre deals with a moment of abdication, with the transfer of powers from one sphere to another.

« In his drawings, M. Bauer mixes events and historical characters, personal and intimate memories with images found in films or other archives. His work method, he sometimes parallels with that of an archeologist, is mainly seeking to highlight the construction of our subjectivity. He tries to shape the way each of us organizes his own memories and the way collective memory seizes specific events to elaborate History. Be it a personal history or History, it is a rewriting and, hence, it is only a question of point of view, just like morality, he specifies. History is thus only an artifact that is the result of a collection of events made afterwards. […] ». Text extracted from the cycle Futur antérieur, séquence d’automne 2009, written for Marc Bauer’s exhibition, Premier conte sur le pouvoir, at the MAMCO, Geneva, from October 28, 2009 to January 17, 2010.

For this exhibition, MARC BAUER whose to be assisted by JEANNE BERBINAU AUBRY, MAGALI HALTER AND SARAH MAISONOBE from the VILLA ARSON, E.N.S.A. of Nice, as well as by EVAN GÉRARD, JÉRÉMY GRIFFAUD AND MARIE-LIZE RICHARD of the PAVILLON BOSIO, E.S.A.P of Monaco. A cabinet of drawings will be reserved for them and will allow them to show some of their works chosen by the artist. Away to have various universes connected by the drawing practice converse.

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