with Ian Andrews, Eric Bridgeman, Lynne Eastaway, Tony Green, Suzie Idiens, Paul Leadbetter, Andrew Leslie, Karin Lettau, Ruark Lewis, Tess de Quincey (& Sam James + Vic McEwan), Paul Raguenes, Vsevolod Vlaskine, Skye Wagner

The exhibition Oceanie Zone V (SNO in Nice) at La Station reflects the diversity of approaches to contemporary art, the different geographical locations and the multicultural backgrounds of artists involved in the SNO program.

Oceanie Zone 5 refers to the old French postal zone for Australia and New Zealand – its an oblique reference to there being artists form Australia, New Zealand and France in the show.


Sydney Non Objective Contemporary Art Projects is an artist run initiative located in the Sydney inner city suburb of Marrickville, one of Australia’s most culturally diverse areas. It was established in 2005 to provide an alternative critical position within contemporary Australian art supported by a curated public exhibition and education program.
SNO operates as a research centre with a focus on non-objective art in all its forms, developing and presenting new ideas to a wide audience. This includes contemporary readings of historical artistic and curatorial positions. Over the past decade the exhibition program has generated 114 monthly exhibitions showing more than 350 artists from Australia and overseas. It focuses on visual art, sound and performance with an education program that includes seminars, lectures, artist talks and publications.
In developing this cross platform approach SNO has established a number of important projects with specific aims. These include embracing the temporal arts as a core part of the program, a focus on providing support to young and emerging artists, the creation of intergenerational relationships by linking emerging and established artists, the development of international networks with similar artist collectives in Europe, Asia and the USA, a resulting series of international exchanges and exhibitions, a publishing hub and regular lectures and seminars aimed at increasing awareness of contemporary non-objective art.