Lingua Franca

alice pamuk temporary resident contemporary art la station nice lingua franca

La Station - Nice - France

From 10-16-2021 to 06-11-2021

Opening informations : Friday, October 15, 2021 at 6 PM in the scope of Les Visiteurs du Soir, a BOTOXS event

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Free entrance from Saturday 2 PM to 7 PM, wearing a mask and sanitary pass are mandatory.

Exhibition made with the support of D.R.A.C P.A.C.A, the Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles, Jet studio and Beursschouwburg (Bruxelles) and Villa Arson (Nice).

La Station presents LINGUA FRANCA, a personal exhibition by Alice PAMUK, a temporary resident of La Station from September to December 2020.

« A nomad in her practice, [Alice Pamuk], in this relation with different contexts, goes to look for experiences of movement, conversations, situations of exteriority to languages and cultures. Her work feeds from these moments of meeting with a territory, with the chances in life, with the materials found. In the first weeks of her residence, she walks, discovers the city, and stops at café terraces with a notebook to assume the posture of a writer, describing the premises, the atmospheres, the movements surrounding her, trying to stage inspiration as much as to find it. [1]« 

Living in Belgium – a trilingual country – and usually working in English, I tried to introduce new languages in this exhibition: French, Italian and Dutch, as well as a Turkish vocalic harmony; this intermingling of languages that can lead to the loss of comprehension or even formulate new sound entities.

The lingua franca [2], such as English, is a communication language but can also be a unilateral and imposed language, understood only by a small number. The works presented in this exhibition play on this duality.


 [1]  Mathilde Roman, « Inspirer, s’inspirer » in L’Art même n°83 (January-April 2021)

[2] Lingua franca, or Frankish language, is a vehicular language, that is to say a means of communication between two populations of different languages. Used from the Middle Ages to the 19th century in the Mediterranean Basin, Lingua Franca is originally a mix between French, Italian and Spanish. By extension, the term now refers to any vehicular language used by populations with different maternal languages to communicate (for example, English in the business word or the scientific community).