La Station - Nice - France

From 03-12-2014 to 07-06-2014

Opening informations : Saturday, March 8, at 6 PM, with a musical carte blanche to Richard PROMPT.

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a monographic exhibition of Jérôme PORET.

Opening on Saturday, March 8, at 6 PM, with a musical carte blanche to Richard PROMPT.

Exhibition from Wednesday, March 12 to Saturday June 7, 2014.


INSIGHTLIGHT is a retrospection of JÉRÔME PORET’s work: he reactivates, organizes and « frames » some works from exhibitions conceived in the last 10 years at Transpalette of Bourges, Confort Moderne of Poitiers and at Mains d’Œuvres in St Ouen. These alternative places, with an industrial resonance, share a same vision on art with La Station, turned towards experimentation, transdisciplinarity, the direct connection, beside any mercantile or institutional frame, to the creative act and the creator.

Conceived around the plastic, cinematographic and musical universe of the artist, INSIGHTLIGHT occupies the totality of the exhibition space of LA STATION and will be the stage for several events (concerts, conferences, screenings…)


Saturday, March 8: Opening – Carte blanche to Richard Prompt
Wednesday, May 7: MAI festival: Projet Cluster with Dust Breeders, La Morte Young and Vomir
Friday, May 9 and Saturday 10: Visiteurs du soir BOTOXS / a guided visit with a flashlight
Thursday, May 15: Guided visit by Nathan Crothers / conference: Turbulence And Calm, by Rob Garrett
Saturday, June 7: Closing / Crossover festival with Badermotor, Pharoah Chromium, Neukalm and guests, of Grautag Records and Labelle 69.

A limited edition serigraphy is also produced at LA STATION for this exhibition (on sale at la station, follow the link) :




« Jérôme Poret plays both on the register of architectural heritage and the most contemporary rock music. » Jérôme Diacre

Insightlight is a retrospection. The 350 m2 of exhibition space of La Station become the location of the insight[1], of resolution. In this exhibition, I propose to reactivate, organize, « frame » some works coming from places where I’ve been, with an industrial resonance, with very close artistic stakes, with almost similar status.

From 1992, Emmetrop emerged from musical movements and dynamic alternatives, moved into the Leiseing warehouse of Bourges.  With the association, I establish the Transpalette and work on the programming and management of exhibitions from 1997 to 2007.

In 2009, at Mains d’Œuvres, the exhibition (23’17’’) is conceived like a collective score in the company of Dominique Blais, Pascal Broccolichi, Dominique Petitgand. The joint presentation of the works in the space, together with a non simultaneous broadcasting, is favorable to the appearance of singular combinations. They temporarily overlap with the others’ visual components.

In 2011, at Confort Moderne, in residence, I move into the common spaces, the concert room, backstage… except, as a counterpoint, the exhibition space of the Warehouse. I make some works connecting the musical history of the Confort to its infrastructure, formerly an umbrella then a sewing machine manufacture.

Today, I’m offering to La Station, who has settled into the former slaughterhouse of Nice, a project on the border of all these stories. A retrospective dechronology. A collection of affects haunting the exhibition spaces, alternating between specific installations and older works transposed and re-interpreted. The whole recomposes the presentation acting as a developer of hypothesis from a rough crude base.

The translation at Transpalette, the transposition at Mains d’Œuvres, the musical confrontation at Confort Moderne and the retrospection at La Station.

Action meets affect and produces fear. They are in a way the three axioms of my work.

The four months of exhibition are paced by two invitations to authors, musicians, artists who have passed through my history in these premises, as many apparitions revisiting the totality of the common project.

Jérôme Poret

[1]  » ‘Insight’ is a term to name the high point of a resolution, understood as the passage of a perceptive configuration to a second configuration, more satisfying because it is bearing reorientations, regrouping, suggestions of actions susceptible to remedy the inherent tension of the previous configuration. » extract from Intelligenzprüfungen an Anthropoiden, Wolfgang Köhler 1917