La Station - Nice - France

From 04-23-2016 to 11-06-2016

Opening informations : on Friday, April 22 for Les Visiteurs du Soir, an event organized by Botoxs, the contemporary art network of the French Riviera.

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With Xavier Antin, Olivier Dollinger, Caroline Duchatelet and Hippolyte Hentgen.

Opening on April 22 for Les Visiteurs du Soir, an event organized by Botoxs, the contemporary art network of the French Riviera.

Exhibition from April 23 to June 11 at the invitation of the CNAP and as part of Programme Suite.

The Suite programme is supported by ADAGP and Copie Privée. ADAGP manages the rights of producers of the visual arts (painters, sculptors, photographers, designers, architects, etc.) and gives a part of the royalties received for private copying to help with the creation and circulation of works.

The artists presented by La Station in the exhibition Fabulae question storytelling and its means through video. Their works explore extremely varied universes, leading us from painting history to cartoons via performance and testimony. Some are silent, others are musical, have voice-over… The stagecraft device can take the form of a cinema show, an installation or even a projection, thus offering various possible experiences of storytelling to the audience.

Here, each artist offers a narratology connected to the specificities of the video medium: duration-image for Caroline Duchatelet, movement-image for Xavier Antin, documentation of an action for Olivier Dollinger and diversion of the film medium for the duo Hippolyte Hentgen. The narrative construction of these works takes into account the writing forms, the editing procedures, the variable temporalities, as well as the displacement of the viewer’s body.

Despite their own specificities, these works all come back to the very essence of storytelling: they tell the passage from one state to another by transformation. These are fabrications — even fantasy — the polysemy of which comes as much from the structure of the tale as from its visual form and its special installation. These fabulae thus overflow both the successive scope of narration and the linear experience of cinematograph; they offer expanded forms of storytelling, the reading of which is conditioned by a match between image, text, sound and space.

The exhibition itself can be perceived as a form of storytelling, creating maybe unexpected connections between the works of the artists shown.