Le Courage des Oiseaux

From 18 June to 24 September 2022

Opening on Friday 17 June from 6pm as part of Éclairage Public #6

Performance by Rémi Voche at 8.30pm


La Station presents a large group exhibition with some forty artists entitled Le Courage des Oiseaux. This project will explore the notions of pollination and fertilization (animals, insects, air, wind, environment…).

Echoing the POWER FLOWER exhibition at the 109, and the Biennale des Arts in Nice dedicated to flowers, Le Courage des Oiseaux looks by extension at the role of artists in the dissemination of forms and ideas in society; showing the creative force of artists through the figure of animals, insects, wind, water… all the means to disseminate, propagate, seed our natural or professional environment.

A collective exhibition with the artists:
Frédéric Bauchet-Coquatrix, Gillian Brett, Baptiste Caccia, Marc Chevalier, Collection LGR, Claire Dantzer, Noël Dolla, Quentin Dupuy, Lena Durr, Isabelle Giovacchini, Aïcha Hamu, Hippolyte Hentgen, Hildegarde Laszak, Sandra Lecoq, Olivier Leroi, Marie Limoujoux, Ingrid Luche, Béatrice Lussol, Zora Mann, Florent Mattei, Olivier Millagou, Nicolas H. Muller, Robin Oakes, Bruno Peinado, Laurent Perbos, Manuel Pomar, Coline-Lou Ramonet, Isabelle Rey, Omar Rodriguez Sanmartin, Guilhem Roubichou, Karine Rougier, Lionel Sabatté, Ben Saint-Maxent, Erik Samakh, Mathieu Schmitt, Ian Simms, Sofi Urbani, Jean-Luc Verna, Rémi Voche, Taline Zabounian.

La Station would like to thank the participating artists, as well as the galleries Air de Paris, Ceysson & Bénétière, ChertLüdde, Circonstance Galerie, Espace A VENDRE, Galerie Catherine Issert, Galerie Eva Vautier, Sémiose, Sultana, Super Dakota.